17 sept
Report: Day Two
Linecheck – Music Meeting is over. Here what has emerged from two days of debate.

The second day of Music Meeting has ended with the contribution of Roberto Rampi: the Parliament (represented in Sala Liberty by Elena Ferrara) is working for the definition of a law on public entertainment. The paradox is always the same: operating in an industry that is completely unequipped from a legal point of view, as highlighted by Amedeo Lombardi (Home Festival).

The two main topics of the second day are networking and legality, integrated by the investigations, data and statistics of KeepOn, the network of live music clubs.

Meanwhile the opening and closing panels have focused on the macro areas of the industry , the intermediate talks have focused on more specific topics such as the definition of guidelines for being a good manager, best practices for making festivals’ offers more appealing, the tools for bringing Italian music abroad etc.

The days has been coloured by the music of Birthh and Nularse who have participataed to Load In Academy and the stunning closing live of Hiperson, the Chinese art rock band that comes from Chengdu.

See you soon

Linecheck’s Music Meeting is like a “work in progress” dockyard in which the cohesion and sharing among the different actors is increasing the awareness that the status quo can be challenged.

Linecheck is not ended, Music Festival keeps on going and here you can find all the information on the several events in the website.