16 sept
Circolo Filologico Milanese will host the second and closing day of Music Meeting
Day 1
Yesterday the talks focused on the Italian music industry, its obstacles and its future state, dealing not only about institutional topics but also about networking strategies for artists, guidelines for enhancing sustainability in festivals and new trends in the music industry. The conclusions suggest that synergies among the different players in the industry should be developed in order to increase the organic growth of the whole market and the creation of a soft-economy that in Italy is yet to be developed.
Today’s topic will focus on the managerial perspective with the talk “The Good Artist: Secrets and Advice” (in Sala Colonne 14:30), on the location with the meeting “Neverland: How Locations Can Make Festivals Unique” (in Sala Liberty 14:30) and on the synergy between analog and digital.

Sala Colonne, in collaboration with Load In Academy, will host performances of some of the most stunning breakthrough talents in the electronic scene, like Birthh and Nularse.

Whereas the Music Festival’s rich program will include the performances of Chassol and Rival Consoles (Base, 21:00), The Tallest Man On Earth (Fabrique, 21:00), Hiperson (Circolo Filologico Milanese 19:30) e Dave Harrington Group (Santeria Social Club 22:00)