Cortex is the band founded by Alain Mion in the 70’s which became a cult for the  jazz-funk public, thanks to the album Troupeau Bleu and the two following albums Vol. 2 (1977) and Pourquoi (1978).
Many American hip hop artists have sampled Mion compositions like Rick Ross in his album God Forgives, I don’t, Lupe Fiasco in Tetsuo & Youth,MF Doom, Madlib and many more.

In 2009 Mion, has reformed and relaunched Cortex.
The new band is composed of Alain Mion (voice, grand piano, Fender Rhodes) and  other high level musicians like Patrik Boman (bass), Cédric Affre (drums) and Marie Martin (voice, keyboard, percussions).
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