The project L I M was born in Edinburgh in early 2014 as the tale of an ending love story, and found new life in Milan, taking shape as an evocative ambient music EP which combines esoteric spaces with existentialist and dreamy atmospheres.
The dark days at the beginning of the project immediately seemed far as soon as the creative process was approached.
“Comet” EP is the first release of the Milan-based musician and singer Sofia Gallotti (formerly Iori’s Eyes) in collaboration with the producer RIVA.
The title track, Comet, is an epic club anthem dragged on by an outer-space synth arpeggio, and kicks off the 5 tracks extended play, which features: Game Over, a delicate and emotional introspective journey; Organ, a pleasant dub nitedrive piece; Sugar Me, a dramatic cover of 1972 song by Linsey de Paul; and lastly, All The Past, a sensual and whispered encounter between the earliest R&B music and classic ambient atmospheres.
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