15 September

Networking as Strategy to Promote the Circulation of Young Artists

When: h 14:30 – 15:30
Where: Sala Liberty
in partnership with Assomusica
Euradia International
Massimo MacalusoEuradia International
Common Creation
Marton NarayCommon Creation
Managing Director
Georges PerotNPO MESO Events
Founder and Managing Director
Vincenzo SperaAssomusica
Assomusica, the Italian Association of Organizers and Producers of live music performances, coordinates a panel on the importance of network strategies in Europe to support the growth of the music industry, that cannot be independent of appropriate policies for the circulation and mobility of young artists. With four different specific focus.
  • “Networking as a strategic tool in Europe”, speaker: Vincenzo Spera;
  • “The eastern Europe music market development”, speaker: Marton Naray;
  • “Dg Culture strategies and the opportunity about networking activities”, speaker: Massimo Macaluso;
  • “The use of local clusters for European Music sector development”, speaker: Georges Perot.