14 September

When: h 20:30
Where: Auditorium San Fedele
Moritz Von Oswald & Gianluca Petrella
Moritz Von Oswald & Gianluca Petrella
Opus 3000
Linecheck – Music Meeting and Festival Opening Gala is the occasion to listen to two worldwide debuts of international projects that work on the contamination between different languages.
Moritz Von Oswald, German pioneer of the electronic music, and the world-known jazzist Gianluca Petrella present their original collaboration, made possible thanks to +++ Italian Quality Music Festivals, the network that reunites eight Italian festivals.
OPUS 3000 gathers three young and internationally renowned Italian musicians such as the classic pianist Gloria Campaner and two electronic music specialists like Francesco Leali, aka Clockwork, and Alessandro Branca, violoncellist, bass player and Human Touch Music co-founder: and that is how OPUS 3000 is born, thought as the fusion of classical music operas, third millennium and contemporaneity.