16 September

KeepOn LIVE: Twelve Years of Best Practices in Live Music Sector

When: h 10:00 – 13:00
Where: Sala Biblioteca
Il Circuito dei Live Club italiani (the Italian Live Clubs Network) presents three new truly important projects:
LIVE CLUB REPORT: What is the aggregate value of live music in Italy? All the statistics in the first comprehensive analysis.
Speakers: Marco Manzella (KeepOn), Federico Rasetti (KeepOn), Andrea Ponzoni (Doc Live)
Nuovo IMAIE & KeepOn LIVE: promoting the new Italian discography with live music.
Speaker: Andrea Marco Ricci (Nuovo IMAIE)
KeepOn EUROPEAN NETWORK: the Italian Network expands in Europe in order to access new tenders and projects for networking and artistic promotion.
Speakers: Jacopo Panizza (Bruxelles, Belgium), Umberto Ceriani (Den Haag, Holand), Vincenzo Cirillo (Dijon, France), Davide Bonasorte (SHURE, Prase Eng.), Giovanni Matarazzo (EKO Music Group), Pino Di Leo (RCF), Attilio Perissinotti (Tij Events, BPM)
LEARNING CLUB: concert venues become training class. Learning is a show

Diego Aroldi, DIYSCO: Social Media Management for Live Clubs
Daniele “Bengi” Benati: Working with music
Gaia Passamonti di Pensiero Visibile: Comunicating with Storytelling
Francesco Temporin, ARCI: Presentation of Scuola Bottega
Gabriella Morelli, Doc Servizi: ENPALS and administration in the world of live shows
Emanuela Teodora Russo, Note Legali: Music and Law
Fabio Fila, Doc Crew: Working safely during live shows