15 September

KeepOn LIVE Parade

When: h 21:00
Where: Sala Liberty
Luca De Gennaro
Luca De GennaroMTV
Vice President of Talent & Music
Denis Longhi
Denis Longhi+++ Italian Quality Music Festivals
Marco Manzella
Marzo ManzellaKeepOn LIVE
During the winter season the artistic directors of 250 Italian Clubs belonging to the KeepOn LIVE network, indicate the best gigs that they have hosted on their stages, establishing the largest live music jury. The bands reporting the most votes will be rewarded on the stage of Circolo Filologico, where they will be able to live showcase as well.
featuring Black Beat Movement,Calcutta, Pierpaolo Capovilla (Teatro degli Orrori), C+C=Maxigross, Giorgio Ciccarelli, Uli.